Let Your Characters Tell Your Story

Here’s what I believe happens when a writer begins her story with an authentically realized character (as opposed to one from central casting, formed out of the necessity to see a certain preordained action take place). If she allows him to take shape slowly on the page, if she resists the urge to make assumptions

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Wattpad Top 5: July 2015 | RT Book Reviews

This morning I woke up to this tweet: @LizMadridauthor look look look! ??? https://t.co/xCXChyAb84 — Leah (@TaureanDelight) July 31, 2015 Lo and behold! But there’s my WIP included in RT Magazine’s top 5 Wattpad romances for July!  A wonderful surprise, that’s for sure, since the first thing I woke up to this morning were email

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