Date Night and Other Short Stories

Romantic Stories

Book Cover: Date Night and Other Short Stories
Editions:Kindle - Second Edition: $ 0.99

Since when did love stories only belong to the young?

After Esme witnesses her co-worker having a torrid love affair, she wonders if love stories belong only to the young. Did romance have to end the moment one got married, had children and found themselves saddled with a mortgage and college plans?

But even as Esme has her questions, there is one man who has always had all the answers she seeks, and in one night, he’ll remind Esme of the way they used to be, and how romance--like love--is forever.

Includes stories featuring Sam and Erik (Finding Sam) and upcoming Greg and Bella (Someone Like You). 



She heads up the stairs to the master bedroom, wondering if she should prepare herself a bath, and maybe drizzle some rose oil she’d purchased at Neiman Marcus to soak off the stresses of her work day. Three twelve-hour shifts a week is hard enough. Working the same shifts at another hospital on her days off is madness, but she has to do it, or, at least, that’s what Esme tells herself if only to get Kieran all the training he needs, the private sessions with a former tennis pro, now retired from the circuit. The sessions aren’t cheap, but judging from the tournaments Kieran had been winning of late, they’re worth. Maybe one day he’ll make it to the US Open, Esme smiles as she opens the door to the master bedroom.


Soft music and the trail of pink petals on the carpet surprise her, though the battery-powered LED pillar candles make her smile. So like Evan to always put safety first, especially since he is nowhere in sight. She follows the path of petals and candles that lead to the master bathroom and sees a note on the side of the jacuzzi tub.

My Esme,

If you’re seeing this note instead of me, then I’m probably stuck in traffic on the way home from dropping the kids off at Mom and Dad’s. I hope you don’t mind starting the bath without me.

Love, Evan

Esme chuckles as she sets the note on the counter, not wanting to get it wet as she turns on the tap for the hot water. She’ll save his note in her diary, one of the many notes she’s kept since she first met Evan that one hot summer she spent in New Jersey. She’d felt so out of place then, missing the California sun and her friends even though she and her mom were staying just three blocks from the boardwalk where one had to watch out for clams hurled down by seagulls to crack them open. She also hadn’t been used to the grayness of the Atlantic Ocean, so different from the dark blue of the Pacific Ocean as it rolled towards the Malibu coastline.

She was sixteen then, and Evan eighteen. A natural jock, he’d already received offers from university recruiters until a car accident involving a drunk driver left him with a limp, the recruiters who’d been pounding on his door just weeks earlier leaving him, too. While his friends all went to Ivy League universities on scholarships, he opted for a private liberal arts university in Pennsylvania where he majored in Business Administration and then to law school.

She brushes her teeth and washes her face, removing every trace of make-up from her face and trying to remember when the last time was since he or she had done anything like this. A shiver of excitement shoots through her, settling into her bones.


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