Goodbye, My Princess

Today, my Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher, passed away and there’s a deep heaviness in my heart for a part of my childhood that I just lost. I was ten when I knew I wanted to be as badass as Princess Leia. I wanted her sass (even though I didn’t know the word then) and her courage, one that made her go against the evil Empire. I also wanted her hairstyle even though my grandmother always gave me a bowl cut against my wishes.

In the midst of so much darkness in my life then, she showed me that any girl could stand on her own with the boys and at a time when I really needed to know that. And boy, so many years later, do I need to be reminded of that more than ever.

Rest in peace, my Princess.

2 comments on “Goodbye, My Princess”

  1. Beth Carpenter

    Don’t you just love that scene where they’re cornered and she takes charge by blasting a hole into the sewer compartment to escape, shaking her head over their incompetance?

    • Liz

      Yes! It’s one of my favorite scenes where she totally takes over from Luke and Han who were clueless!

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