Debut Author Giveaway Hop

This year, I got to know some amazing debut authors and I’d like to share their books with you!  Some of them are on Kindle  Unlimited so if you’re a member, KU books are free to read with your membership.

  1. Solitude by Carly Quinn – Romance with a touch of the paranormal
  2. The Sun and the Moon by Leslie McAdam – A lawyer + surfer contemporary romance that deals with depression and recovery
  3. On Afghanistan’s Plains by Barry Alexander – war memoir from an Army nurse’s perspective
  4. Forged in Fire: Stories of Wartime Japan by Rita Tomoko Montibon and Alexia Montibon-Larsson – Wartime Japan through the eyes of a young girl from the time she was ten till she was 14-years-old.
  5. Kingdom’s Fall by Andrew Reid – an epic fantasy that pits a ragtag group of heroes against an ancient evil
  6. Clean Break by Abby Vegas – a contemporary romance with heavy chick lit elements where a young woman starts over with her life and in the process finds her strength and love.
  7. Harley by Michelle Jo Quinn – a young woman in search for the truth finds herself charged with guarding the daughter of a rock and roll bad boy.
  8. The Making of Gabriel Davenport – a taut paranormal urban tale from Beverley Lee
  9. Water Damage: A Novel ofLiquid Mystery by Vivian  McInerny – a literary mystery awaits American student Liv Edlen when he goes to Bath to study art
  10. Want by Royce Amy Morales – True love, past lives and other complications

I wish I could add more books to the list but this will have to do for now. Also, did you know that this time, last year, I published Loving Ashe (June 9, 2015) which means this is my book birthday month!  So to celebrate, I’m giving away a paperback copy of Loving Ashe to one lucky reader!

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