Finding Sam: “A Deeply Emotional Experience”

Finding Sam

Finding Sam isn’t a lighthearted read. Sam has been through serious neglect and abuse from most of the people she should be able to trust, and she’d still struggling with a dangerous ex. There have been people in her life that helped her turn it around, but she’s lost them. The story is written in Sam’s point of view, and to me one of the most chilling parts of the story is the matter-of-fact way she relates the horrible things she has suffered, as though they were nothing extraordinary.

When Sam meets Erik, she’s instantly attracted, and just as instantly afraid. This contradiction continues throughout their relationship, moving to deeper and deeper levels, but she fights it all the way. Sam drew me in and made me care, enough that I wanted to slap her silly sometimes, but she earns everything she gains. A deeply emotional experience.

– Beth Carpenter

This is one of my all-time favorite reviews for the first book I ever published because Carpenter nailed the effects of trauma in Sam, something I never spelled out explicitly. I actually had no idea how much the effects of PTSD would permeate through the whole book, but after reading this review, I couldn’t agree more.

I wrote Finding Sam from April to August 2014, inspired by a song I heard on the radio while stuck in L.A. rush-hour traffic, All of Me by John Legend.  It was supposed to be a simple love story about a man who loves an imperfect woman, but Sam as a character came to life all on her own and kinda took over in telling her story.

I wish I told people about this book more, especially when all the proceeds are donated to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, and with a special paperback I’m rolling out in the summer, the Beach Cities Health District, which is where my late friend, Pam, received many complimentary services.

Here’s a video I found in my Animoto archives today.  It still has the first ever cover I made for it when it was first serialized on Wattpad back in May 2014, which was Michael Fassbender.  No copyright infringement intended with the pictures.

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