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One of the things I miss about first drafts and when your work is unnoticed is that you’re definitely more free to write what you want. There’s no one to tell you, hey, we love your story but you gotta remove any reference to any brand name, and we mean ANY REFERENCE, even a children’s story book.

And so, to comply with the requirements to have Loving Ashe as one of the featured stories for the Sweet Then Sour Campaign for the Sour Patch Kids last year, this line had to go.  Instead, I had to be vague and call it a favorite storybook.

Unfortunately, when it was time to self-publish, I misplaced the original version in my files that the edited vague “favorite children’s book” remained in the final draft.  Lucky for me, I finally found the original draft, and so, the above quote will appear in the revised edition of Loving Ashe when it becomes available on all platforms starting March 7.


“So how was that for your first foursome?” Riley asked him as she sat on the couch a few feet away from him. “Was it everything you expected?”

“I’m not so sure if it was exactly how I expected it to go. For one thing, I never realized how foursomes can be so exhausting,” Ashe replied, shaking his head in mock annoyance. He was speaking in the way he’d read the story to the triplets earlier and Riley began to giggle as he continued.

“Messy, too. And I can’t believe how demanding partners can be. How inconsiderate. They can’t even wait till you catch your breath for the next round. Always more, more, more. I don’t like this type of foursome, no, I do not. I do not like, Riley-I-am.”

Riley was laughing so hard there were tears in her eyes as she listened to Ashe speak. She had to make sure that she was laughing as quietly as she could, afraid to wake up the boys upstairs or they’d have to start putting them back to sleep all over again.

“I’m just joking, by the way,” he assured her with a light pat of his hand on her thigh. “Though they do make me doubt about wanting any progeny – at least of the multiple kind.”

Ashe chuckled as he watched her bust up. When she was done giggling, she realized Ashe had moved closer to her. His face had grown serious, his eyes shielded by thick lashes. His gaze rested on her mouth.

The way he was watching her made Riley nervous, in a tingly kind of way. She’d fantasized kissing Ashe ever since she first met him. She’d also dreamed of doing so much more after seeing a clip of him online – in gif form, no less which meant it looped again and again – of a full frontal scene he did in one of his first films which had since been an art house favorite.

“So what are you thinking of, Ashe-I-am?” She asked, hoping to shift the mood away from where it was heading, which was heading to the hot and bothered territory.

“I’m thinking of kissing you, Riley-I-am,” he murmured, his head dipping towards her before she could react. 


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