The Worst Enemy to Creativity Is Self-Doubt

I don’t know of any writer who hasn’t suffered from self-doubt, whether it’s from the many rejections they receive to the low monthly sales despite all the things they do to promote their work.  But it happens, even to the best of us.

So what are we to do but soldier on. We keep on writing.  We keep on battling it out with the doubts that creep into our minds and prove those doubts wrong.  They’re like these little gremlins that live inside our minds rent-free, using up all resources they can get their hands on and leaving their grimy marks everywhere.  If we listen to them, they’ll get to us.  But if we muster the courage to kick them out, then there’s a chance that the opposite of doubt will move right in to take their place.

Hope, creativity, and trust in ourselves.

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